Tess and Tom's wedding was just a blast from start to finish – so much energy, so much life…so much fun! 

All this took place within the uniquely-eccentric venue called Laloli, which is placed within stunning gardens, beautiful mountains and their own family run sugar cane farm, so believe me when I say this was a real pleasure to capture – everywhere I looked there was something for my cameras to feast on! : )

I’ve mentioned it before, but I truly adore it when couples do weddings their own way – and that’s exactly what Tess and Tom did. Tessa organised a dress reveal before the ceremony and they both walked hand in hand down the aisle together! So sweet: )  So anyway, enough of my chatting. Here’s a selection of some of my favourite Laloli wedding photography from their day:

RW Photography-047
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Rebecca Wade Photography Image-2
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RW Photography-154
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RW Photography-076
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RW Photography-358
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RW Photography-301
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