Sandhole Oak Barn, Congleton

Sandhole Oak Barn-29I met Alice and Graham a few months before their wedding, both incredibly friendly and I thought at the time how I’d love to shoot their wedding. Sandhole Oak Barn is a stunning wedding venue, surrounded by rolling Cheshire countryside.
The rain just about held off whist Alice and Graham had their portraits took within the exciting environment around us. All their guests were then treated to an amazing three course meal and some great speeches at the end. Enjoy a selection of photographs I took that day.

Sandhole Oak Barn-2Sandhole Oak Barn-3Sandhole Oak Barn-4Sandhole Oak Barn-5Sandhole Oak Barn-6Sandhole Oak Barn-7Sandhole Oak Barn-9Sandhole Oak Barn-10Sandhole Oak Barn-11Sandhole Oak Barn-12Sandhole Oak Barn-13Sandhole Oak Barn-14Sandhole Oak Barn-15Sandhole Oak Barn-16Sandhole Oak Barn-17Sandhole Oak Barn-18Sandhole Oak Barn-19Sandhole Oak Barn-20Sandhole Oak Barn-21Sandhole Oak Barn-22Sandhole Oak Barn-23Sandhole Oak Barn-24Sandhole Oak Barn-25Sandhole Oak Barn-26Sandhole Oak Barn-27-2Sandhole Oak Barn-28Sandhole Oak Barn-29Sandhole Oak Barn-30Sandhole Oak Barn-32Sandhole Oak Barn-33Sandhole Oak Barn-34Sandhole Oak Barn-35Sandhole Oak Barn-36Sandhole Oak Barn-38Sandhole Oak Barn-40Sandhole Oak Barn-41Sandhole Oak Barn-42Sandhole Oak Barn-44Sandhole Oak Barn-45Sandhole Oak Barn-46-2Sandhole Oak Barn-47Sandhole Oak Barn-48Sandhole Oak Barn-49Sandhole Oak Barn-50Sandhole Oak Barn-51Sandhole Oak Barn-52Sandhole Oak Barn-53Sandhole Oak Barn-54-2Sandhole Oak Barn-55Sandhole Oak Barn-56Sandhole Oak Barn-57-2Sandhole Oak Barn-58Sandhole Oak Barn-59Sandhole Oak Barn-60Sandhole Oak Barn-61Sandhole Oak Barn-62Sandhole Oak Barn-63Sandhole Oak Barn-65Sandhole Oak Barn-66Sandhole Oak Barn-67


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  1. Stacy Squires Photography Christchurch on June 13, 2016 at 12:52 am

    you have certainly captured all the emotions of the day 🙂

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